Official Starter Project

This is the official starter project for Relume. It includes a style guide with pre-built classes and serves as an ideal starting point for any project using Relume's Site Builder and Webflow Library.

Relume's Webflow Library uses the Client-First Webflow Style System to keep your Webflow projects more organized and maintainable.

Decentralized Large Action Dataset and Model

Playback Network is a decentralized large action dataset and model that can automate complex actions by controlling your device.


Unlock Your Productivity with AI Automation

Say goodbye to manual labor and let AI control your computer to boost your productivity.

Boost Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most in your work.

Save Time

Let AI handle time-consuming tasks so you can accomplish more in less time.

Playback Network: Automating Complex Actions with Decentralized Large Action Dataset and Model

Playback Network is a decentralized large action dataset and model that automates complex actions by controlling your device.

Decentralized Solution

Democratizing large action models by decentralizing the data used for training.

Automate Tasks

Let a large action model automate complex task execution on your device.


Unlock the Power of Automation with Playback Network

Playback Network revolutionizes AI data by democratizing access, accelerating technological advancements, and rewarding contributors.

Democratize AI Data

Accelerate Technological Advancements

Reward Contributors


How It Works: Submit Recordings, Earn Tokens

Playback Network allows users to submit recordings of tasks and earn tokens in exchange. The input data is redacted and anonymized for security.

Secure Data Submission

Users can contribute data securely with redaction and anonymization.

Token Rewards

Earn tokens for your contributions to the Playback Network.

Purchase Licenses

Buy licenses to access and use the data.

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say

Playback Network has revolutionized the way I automate complex tasks.

John Doe

CEO, Tech Company

I can't imagine my work without Playback Network. It's a game-changer!

Jane Smith

CTO, Startup

Playback Network has significantly increased my productivity. Highly recommended!

David Johnson

Product Manager, E-commerce

I'm amazed by the capabilities of Playback Network. It's a game-changer!

Emily Brown

Marketing Director, Agency

Contribute to the Dataset

Start earning $BACK by contributing to the dataset or using the data.


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